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Mike has been an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management accountants having qualified over 30 years ago; he has held senior management positions in a range of companies with global experience.

Mike started his professional career training to become a chartered accountant he moved tracks to focus more on the commercial aspects of business deriving pleasure from helping companies develop and implement strategies to deliver value to their shareholders. Having gained experience ranging from small private enterprises based in the UK, to start up technology companies in the US he spent a large proportion of his working life driving strategy, change and operational excellence through large multi national organisations.

He has experience of mergers and acquisitions with the last acquisition being valued at $1bn where he operated as Program director ensuring delivery against the acquisition plan.

Mike spent 6 years based in Singapore establishing an offshore services centre, building the expertise to drive and manage outsourcing to enhance service whilst reducing costs; delivering annualised savings in excess of £30m pa across a range of functional disciplines  including, manufacture, logistics, finance, HRM customer care, data processing, sales support, productions services (content creation), technology and marketing services.

As Executive Director and Senior Vice President Operations his responsibilities covered a diverse portfolio of global service delivery through. Working closely with the Singapore government to establish and benefit from significant tax incentives, the Singapore company was awarded a prestigious IHQ award.