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Business Model

The value of our proposal and offer to acquire a business is in our ability to safeguard and preserve the assets, unlocking and delivering the growth potential post acquisition; the key objective is for scalable growth and sustained development, from which rewards will flow to employees, stakeholders and notably to the vendor, who will have a generous offer for their business.


Positive Characteristics & Attributes

  • OAGI will provide an outline offer for a business based on the preliminary assessment of the target company and its growth potential.
  • OAGI will apply their collective expertise to the assessment of the growth opportunities for a target business and then work this into a growth strategy.
  • Once the growth strategy is agreed by the Investment Committee, a full financial forecast and manpower plan will be prepared by OAGI which will detail the ability of the acquired company to meet its future obligations. This will include any vendor(s) consideration in the future and also the projected costs of any additional overheads introduced by OAGI, which will be nominal and set at a level that does not compromise the profitability of the business, but will allow the growth potential to be realised.

Our Focus

We choose the businesses that we invest in carefully, setting sound growth strategies for each company we acquire and work vigorously to implement them within the framework of our structured and ethical principles.

Our experienced teams have an excellent track record in delivering sustained growth, underpinned by being more agile, more collaborative, more flexible and more responsible in their approach to investment and management.

We explore all avenues to harness talent and create new opportunities, recruiting the best people to implement our sound growth strategies.