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OAGI – Who we are

We are an investment company; acquiring and growing small to medium size businesses in various industry sectors, our knowledgeable and skillful teams have centuries of wide ranging industry and diverse business experience between them; covering numerous industry sectors, having been involved in running small to medium sized businesses through to public companies, founded, run and sold successful start-ups and actively involved in acquisitions.

The OAGI teams have a track record in delivering growth, underpinned by the ability to safeguard and preserve the assets of an acquired business and have a rational approach to running businesses/companies; providing and implementing sensible management procedures to include cash flow, profitability and investment.

OAGI’s key strategic and operational structures are through our sound investment decisions and effective development strategies for both the proposed and acquired businesses.


Our approach

We research industry and market sectors, to identify and acquire businesses with growth potential; initial investment analysis is made and a draft business development plan and growth strategy is prepared, decisions are then made collaboratively and quickly through the Investment Committee.

  • Our aim and objective is to make a generous offer for the business, which would be agreeable to the owner.


How we deliver

On acquiring a business, post acquisition, the agreed development plan, growth strategy is put into effect, our dedicated management team will work closely with existing employees of the business, providing expertise and partnership support to create a cohesive environment for growth and stability.

The OAGI management team assigned to the acquired business will work to develop the growth potential and optimise the value of the business to deliver superior investment performance for the benefit of all stakeholders.